Email Readings

Readings via email are my effort to make tarot available to people who might not be able to afford a live session at this time.

These readings are quick and to the point, allowing me to move quickly and keep the end cost down.

Email and recorded readings also have the advantage of being something you can return to and review whenever you desire.

Two tarot card backs

All readings include a picture of the cards in your spread, and your choice of:

a) a written interpretation that explains the meanings of each card and how they fit together related to your question, or

b) a link to a private YouTube video of the reading recorded live, as I do it in the moment.

These vary in length based on the question and cards drawn. For example.

  • 2-card readings (a simple and straight forward response to a single question or topic of concern) will be just a paragraph or two, and would take less than three minutes to hear (some written examples).

A small reading like this costs $12 and is good for a general check-in (“What should I know about myself or situation in this moment?”) or a specific question. There are examples of each type of reading in the examples linked above.

  • Larger readings can be purchased at the rate of $5/card, and will also be succinct and to the point, but longer in proportion to the number of cards requested.

The 8-card written reading, in this example, takes up about 2 pages with the pictures of individual cards.

Please use my contact form for any requests or questions about emailed tarot readings.