Tarot for Transition, Discovery, and Entertainment

Untangling Tarot is a reading style that sits in the niche between reasoned awareness and the application of intuition. It is an educational process designed to help seekers sort through their options or experiences, and offers a visual language for those times when words are hard to find. 

Interpreting and understanding these images builds bridges to greater clarity.

This isn’t the sort of card-reading that will tell anyone what they must do, or what is going to happen in some fate-defined future. Those approaches run the risk of turning a person into a spectator or mere passenger of the life they are living.

from Joie de Vivre Tarot

Instead, this approach to tarot invites seekers to make friends with their instincts. Dialoging about the possibilities the cards suggest, we can look at the challenges and questions you face, using the tarot as an interactive tool to spark action steps and new insight.

I see tarot as a mirror: it’s unlikely tell you something you had no way of knowing, but it can show you things you didn’t have the perspective to see before.

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“Thank you so much for the reading…it helped heaps, and meant more than you know.’
— Sarah, from Asheville, North Carolina