One-on-One, In-Person Readings

  • One-hour or half-hour scheduled sessions spent creating and answering questions with the tarot deck of your choice.
  • Regular/recurring readings, usually scheduled 2 – 4 weeks apart, or a custom length as desired.

Distance Readings

We interact one-on-one, just as with in-person readings.

  • One-hour scheduled sessions spent creating and answering questions with the tarot deck of your choice, face-to-face via screens.
  • Readings over the phone — one-hour and half-hour sessions available for scheduling.

Regular/recurring readings are also available in these formats.

The best work is often done in context rather than isolation. I offer several multiple-session packages to facilitate this with a lower overall cost. This is a way to work on longer projects – discuss goals, form action-plans, and grow in understanding  of both yourself and your circumstances.

Pay for 9 readings, get the 10th free (discount applies to all one-hour sessions purchased individually, including the monthly subscription option).

Email-Based readings

  • A variety of fixed (unchanging) offerings and special (change quarterly) offerings. (Current details here.)

Festivals and Parties

Drop in for a 5 – 15-minute reading when I’ve got a booth or table. Enjoy the lower price (compared to the cost of email reading) in a live reading, and even season-specific spreads (new moon/full moon, New Year’s and birthday spreads can show up here).

  • Occasionally a business or organization will hire me or provide space and advertise my hours to read there for the public. Those hours will be listed on Untangling Tarot’s Facebook page, so pop over, “like” and follow to be kept up to date on when this option is available. The per-spread cost is a bit lower than the email equivalent.
  • If you are (or know) a business or organization that would like to hire a tarot reader for a promotion or special event, give me a call. I have a package price for my time while I provide entertainment for your guests, or if you (and they) want to split the cost, it can be priced a bit lower for the host while interested guests purchase readings.

Story Coaching Services

  • Brainstorming
  • Character creation and story building

One-hour sessions using the cards (along with my research and experience) to fill plot holes and get past writer’s block. Tarot cards can also help create new worlds and suggest unique new lives to populate them.