Parties and Live Entertainment

A tarot reader at your event can provide a unique spark to a party, fundraiser, birthday celebration, game night, or some other get together.

Two swans face each other, an oval mirror on a chain around each of their necks
from Chrysalis Tarot

Parties can vary in price, typically based on length, location (cost will vary with how far I’d have to drive: Chena Hot Springs and North Pole areas, for example, will add a mileage element to the invoice), and the number of guests. A personalized estimate is available when you contact me with these variables.

Here’s how to calculate the amount of time you need to reserve:

Take the number of people who will want a reading, then divide that by 5, or 8.

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from the Numinous Tarot

That’s how many hours you’d want to contract me for to give the best chance of them all getting the reading they want.

I can read for 5 – 8 people an hour, depending on the size of the spread or the question of each guest.

This 5-8 people/hour is a variation of 5-10 minutes per reading, which can be very different reading experiences. Knowing what you want (or asking questions if you don’t) will help me create the experience you are looking for with longer or shorter reading times.

 How many guests exactly will vary based on how efficiently new people come to my table, so I cannot make guarantees about how many people will have been seen by the end of my contracted time. (But good planning helps.)

Collecting people would be the job of someone not doing the tarot readings: making sure the next person knew it was their turn, for example, if you didn’t want people to stand in line during a party.

Party prices begin at $250 for two hours.

Additional time is $120/hour, prorated by the quarter-hour.

Click here for more information about the readings menus I bring to your party.