Tarot Menus

a lavender-hued figure holding a large coin, under a leafy arch.
from Whispering Spirits Tarot

Many people in the Interior have never had a tarot reading.

While a party can be a fun introduction to tarot, Newbies can feel pressured, knowing the next person is waiting.

With each party I provide laminated menus to pass among interested guests. These describe a small variety of spreads – tarot card layouts. First-timers get an idea what to expect, and more experienced guests can also find something they want.

Menus can be customized to the setting.

Menus I’ve often used include Self-Care, with introspective and relational spreads; and Birthday Fun, containing a few playful spreads along with more traditional tarot topics like love and forecasting.


Feel free to ask if you’re looking for something specific to fit the theme of your event.