Live Readings: Online or In-person

For anyone concerned or needing to stay isolated, I’m happy to report that tarot effectiveness is not affected by distance.

Five people with long sticks, some masked, try to work out their differences
from Modern Witch Tarot


If you’ve got a reliable internet connection I recommend we meet over Zoom, where we’ll be able to see each other’s faces and speak freely without niggling concerns about being overheard by someone two tables away.

Because I don’t have an office for this little business, in-person readings here in Fairbanks continue to be in public places. For example our local Barnes & Noble CafĂ© has been a popular place to meet.

In-person I do expect mutual and full masking (vaccinated or not) as our local numbers continue to rise. If options change I will update this page.


While we all eagerly await the return to “precedented times,” I will continue to offer tarot readings online, and I encourage you to trust the process, even with the distance.

The Magic of readings continues to happen, even in places as for from Alaska as England and The Netherlands, so near or far, in person or not, Tarot readings are awesome.

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from Modern Witch Tarot


  • $110 for an hour
  • $60 for 30 minutes

Each time you schedule you’ll have an opportunity to describe your purpose and goals for your reading which allows us to maximize the time you’ve chosen.

Thanks for visiting Untangling Tarot — I look forward to working with you!