Reader Bio

My name is Wren Helmericks, and I read tarot cards in Fairbanks, Alaska.

And pretty much anywhere else I go. 🙂

This practice isn’t mystical, and it is more than a little magical. Tarot is a unique cooperation between sense and soul, intellect and intuition.

I invite you to ask questions and see this deck of cards, this “picture book for grown-ups,” as an adaptable tool for encouragement, brainstorming, and personal growth.


It’s also just plain fun even if you’re not looking to shake up your life. A tarot reading can be startling or insightful entertainment (startling and/or insightful are pretty standard components of a tarot reading).


I’m happy to do readings in person (masked, for now) if you live in Interior Alaska. I also offer Zoom and Skype for real-time readings that are just as meaningful but without the close contact. Check in with my schedule for available times or, if you want something in writing you can return to, request an email reading.


“Wow… wow freaking wow…You are right on point for so many things. Thank you, so very much! This is an awesome answer for many questions.” –Kathleen, from Struthers, Ohio