My name is Wren Helmericks, and I read tarot cards.

This practice isn’t mystical, but it is more than a little magical. Tarot is a unique cooperation between sense and soul, intellect and intuition. I invite you to ask questions and see this deck of cards, this “picture book for grown-ups,” as an adaptable tool for encouragement, brainstorming, and personal growth.

I’m happy to do readings in person if you live in Interior Alaska, and I offer phone, and Skype/Google Hangouts for real-time long-distance readings.

Just check in with my schedule for available times or – if you want something in writing to return to – request an email reading.

” Wow… wow freaking wow…You are right on point for so many things. Thank you, so very much! This is an awesome answer for many questions.”

–Kathleen, from Struthers, Ohio