Welcome to Untangling Tarot

My tarot readings offer tools and new perspectives to empower your decisions and strengthen your sense of self.

image: death card - a woman-shaped pheonix with flaming wings
from Sun and Moon Tarot

Sometimes we know what we need, and sometimes we’re not sure. Tarot meets us wherever we’re at, and nudges us toward our deep knowing.

Human connection — feeling seen, heard — and having the chance to put our feelings or concerns into words, all add to the value of an in-person, real-time reading. Whether we’re in the same room or meeting over Zoom, the cards do what the cards do and reflect back to us what is really going on.

Whether they confirm or challenge what you most desire, you remain in control of your life and decisions, now with another layer of understanding.

I believe one of the best ways we can move through this world is by becoming more-fully ourselves, while not being limited to ourselves.

from Joie de Vivre Tarot

Meaningful relationships and deep learning are powerful steps toward finding peace and fulfilling our purpose in this life, so teaching — about healthy relationships and our shared patterns within humanity — is often a part of my approach and application of the tarot.

I offer in-person readings in the Fairbanks, Alaska, area. We meet in a mellow, public location, and spend your time on whatever topic you’d like to focus on.

Some people prefer the privacy of their own home, and so I also offer “face to face” real-time readings over Google Meet.

Please make yourself at home here. Explore the About tab and the blog if you want more detail about me or the way I use tarot.

If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of tarot, you might want to start here.



“Thank you so much for the reading…it helped heaps, and meant more than you know.”

— Sarah, from Asheville, North Carolina