Casual Readings

Tarot is a concept or practice that a lot of people have no familiarity with. What can it do for you? Is it just a joke? Can I learn anything from a bunch of cards?

Tarot isn’t always serious. Nope.

Many people come to tarot out of curiosity – to be entertained, surprised, or or to seek insight (or just have fun) that has nothing to do with inner exploration.

from Wild Unknown Tarot

Tarot is used to ask about employment, leisure time, relationship questions, and to compare or consider options.

Clients (called querents in tarot jargon) might get a single reading at a tarot booth, or ask their question over email for a reading between festival (live) options.

If you want a session that’s short or long, there are different times you can schedule here. A 15-minute Skype reading is just $30, and an hour long session is $100.

Save 5% by buying 3 hour-long sessions at once, and save 10% when you buy 6 hour-long sessions at once.