General Readings

We don’t always have a question when we want to understand ourselves or our circumstances better. These spreads are an invitation to look closer at individual sections of our lives.

They can be a way to look at a single issue from multiple angles, or to consider what is working or not-working in the whole.

The Five-Elements Spread ($20) is a sometimes-esoteric look inside at parts that make up the whole of you.

  • Earth (body)
  • Air (mind)
  • Fire (vitality/identity)
  • Water (emotions)
  • Spirit (wholeness)

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The First Key ($25) is similarly based on an elemental survey, this one leaning into life-context.

  • Fire – Career and creativity
  • Water – Relationships and emotions
  • Air – Action, choices and conflict
  • Earth – Home and the body

From one of these areas I draw an additional three cards to go deeper in that arena. You may request a specific focus, otherwise I pull from the pile where I find the signifier, the card that designates the client.


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