Detailed scheduling directions

Begin by choosing a category and service (#1 ).

Don’t worry if you miss-click or change your mind: just click Choose by the (#1) and it will return you to the primary list.

You will be asked to choose your appointment time from the openings in the schedule (I’ve got it set for the minimum 2-hours of lead time, so depending on when you schedule, same-day appointments are sometimes available).

When you click [Continue] you move on to step (#2) where you input your contact information and have two forms to consider.

The first is the Pre-Reading Questionnaire (optional, but recommended) One required question. It gives you the place to ask any questions or give me information you’d like me to have ahead of time. You’ll also get a chance to indicate what type of deck you prefer.

One question isn’t optional – that’s the location, whether we’re meeting online or in person, here in Fairbanks.

Second is a standard waiver (Terms & Conditions) where you acknowledge your adultness (or that you have the permission of your adult) and understanding that tarot is ultimately a subjective art: while you can expect good (even powerful) things from it, tarot isn’t an established authority on anything professional, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

This includes a link to the Disclaimers and Understandings page, where I offer more detailed responses to those who might need the details about tarot and my role as a tarot reader.

At the bottom of (#2) Your Information is your chance to enter any coupon codes.

Once you complete your payment, you move to (#3) Confirmation which confirms your appointment has been entered. You have the option to create an account (to save time creating future appointments), and have links to change anything in the earlier forms you were given.

This is the point where I get a notification of a new appointment, and you get a confirmation email with the time and type of your appointment.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions.

Thanks again for scheduling! I look forward to working with you.