Group Classes

As more people in the community become aware of and interested in learning about tarot, I have ideas for group classes that could be a great entry point for those who learn best interactively, or where they can ask questions.

TarotAugust 26 – Tarot Untangled!

The Fairbanks Folk School is hosting our first class.

If there is a good response and consistent interest I may be able to offer longer and more in-depth classes around the tarot, so sign up, tell your friends, and like/follow on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest discoveries/offerings 🙂



Some additional and ongoing  group class ideas

  • Discussion Group based on thematic elements as they are raised by the tarot deck
  • Tarot for Religious Skeptics: Whether you’re skeptical of tarot because you’re religious (Christian, if you like that word better), or skeptical of religion, and tarot seems closer to that category than the real-world, this class is for you.
    • It could also be a reassurance to the individual who feels drawn to the tarot and its built-in benefits but feels cowed by its reputation or the censure of others (Have I ever been in that boat.)
  • Multi-week class on the whole of the tarot: a true classroom class designed to build your confidence and personal practice, resulting in a deeper understanding of the art of reading tarot.

If any of these interest you, or if there is another angle you’d like me to share with your group, do contact me and let me know. I love to create content that people can connect with.