Group Classes


If you have a club or group of friends who would like to learn together you can contact me and I’ll be happy to work out a quote and times that would suit us both.

Here are a few suggestions based on talks and classes I’ve already created:

  • Discussion Group based on thematic elements as they are raised by the tarot deck
  • Tarot for Religious Skeptics: Whether you’re skeptical of tarot because you’re religious (Christian, if you like that word better), or skeptical of religion, and tarot seems closer to that category than the real-world, this class is for you.
    • It could also be a reassurance to the individual who feels drawn to the tarot and its built-in benefits but feels cowed by its reputation or the censure of others (Have I ever been in that boat.)
  • Multi-week class on the whole of the tarot: a true classroom class designed to build your confidence and personal practice, resulting in a deeper understanding of the art of reading tarot.

If any of these interest you, or if there is another angle you’d like me to share with your group, do contact me and let me know. I love to create content that people can connect with.


Edit for 2020:

I’m still happy to teach for a group, but it will need to be via video conferencing technology. If you’re the enterprising, organized type and you want to give this a try, I’m game!