Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law was my very first tarot deck in November of 2015.  I bought it for the art, and read the book through in the next day, shocked (SHOCKED I tell you – full-really) how much sense it made, and how well the system and the images supported one another.

I still credit this deck as both the reason I became a tarot reader, and a major part of why I learned the system so quickly and completely.

Stephanie’s images are exquisite and detailed, and the cards themselves are a standard size which means the detail is sometimes out of reach for older eyes.

This is a deck I also have digitally on my iPad, so I will often pull up the images there for a better look.

Recommended for anyone who loves detail, color, fantasy art, or dragons. Not recommended for those sensitive to occasional nudity.