Simple Readings

While any spread can be brought to bear on a question, these are the standard “quick-answer” draws people may turn to when they’re looking for input from a neutral source.

These are also the curious-seeker readings, being a low-cost experiment in how tarot clicks with you.

Two-Card Reading- $12

  •   The most fundamental of spreads, this can offer responses to a variety of questions and topics:
    • What am I being invited to pay attention to in this moment?
    • What is this experience teaching me?
    • Any insights about my career?
    • What is the best way forward?
    • How can I begin to trust myself more completely?
    • How can I allow my creativity to shine forth unfettered?
    • How can I create more quiet in my life? More Listening?

Or this can be a chance (without a question) just to see what the cards want to reveal today.

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Three-Card Spreads – $16

  • This spread can be read in a variety of useful combinations:
    • Situation – Problem – Solution
    • Situation – What to do – What not to do
    • Situation – What Matters – What Doesn’t
    • Awareness – Resistance – Integration
    • Decision – Choice #1 – Choice #2
    • What person A wants – Compromise – What person B wants
    • Energy – Obstacle – Advice

You can request a particular pattern for your question, or share your context and leave the choosing to me.

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