Tarot Decks

What follows are a series of decks I use to read for others. If you have a favorite or style that calls to you please let me know on your info form when you purchase your reading.

If you have any questions about a deck I’m happy to answer them.


Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen and Lisa Higuchi

For the traditionalist who loves unicorns, this deck combines the visuals and symbolism of the Waite-Smith tarot (often seen as the first or generic images that appear in internet searches) with the whimsy of unicorns and a bit of gender-neutrality.

Ostara Tarot

One of my favorites due to its size and the creativity of the images, this deck was designed by four artists working in collaboration. Each illustrated a single suit in their unique style, and they divided the majors between them.

The result is striking and energetic.

I recommend this deck to those most interested in feeling the mystery that the odd imagery tarot can provide.


Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law was my very first tarot deck in November of 2015.  I bought it for the art, and read the book through in the next day, shocked (SHOCKED I tell you – full-really) how much sense it made, and how well the system and the images supported one another.

I still credit this deck as both the reason I became a tarot reader, and a major part of why I learned the system so quickly and completely.

Stephanie’s images are exquisite and detailed. Recommended for anyone who loves detail, color, fantasy art, or dragons.