Terms & Conditions

When you make your appointment you will be asked to check a box affirming a series of understandings. This is the text you will see, so you can review it ahead of time if you like:

By checking this box you affirm you understand and agree to these terms and those on our Disclaimers page, and that you are over the age of 18, or have parent/guardian approval for a reading/coaching from Untangling Tarot.

Please consult an expert when the situation calls for it.
Tarot readings and coaching are intended to be useful tools that entertain you, encourage you, and/or facilitate personal growth. These services are not a replacement for professional medical, legal, financial (etc.) advice.

All purchases are of services and are final. Except in extenuating circumstances refunds are not available. If you are unable to make your scheduled time, you can gift it to someone else, or arrange at least 24-hours ahead to reschedule.


The Terms & Conditions for email tarot readings adds:

For purchasing purposes these email tarot readings are tied to times in a scheduling calendar, but those may or may not be the actual time slots where I am doing the work, or the amount of time a reading takes. All readings are a service, not a physical good, and will be delivered via email up to 48 hours after being purchased.

Though intended only for the person who ordered them, tarot readings via email are not encrypted. This means they are accessible to anyone who has access to your email account.