Three-Card Spreads

Sets of three key words represent the content or interpretation of three-card spreads, providing a framework for the information in a reading.

For example, in:

Situation – Decision – Task

Situation covers the set-up or context of what the reading is about,  Decision represents the mental turning point, and Task suggests an action-step.

from Shadowscapes Tarot


Awareness – Resistance – Integration

(Useful in less concrete situations.)

The first card can define our awareness, or answer the question, What should I be aware of?

Resistance is the card or position that shows what is in our way (sometimes coming from within ourselves).

Integration is the path to making peace between the first two, often as a way to find peace for ourselves.


Not every layout needs a meaning for each card, but this is one way to look at tarot spreads and the job we give each card.