Trauma-Informed Readings

For those seeking gentle and encouraging guidance to supplement the work they are doing with a counselor, therapist or life coach, tarot brings a unique perspective.

I have done a lot of reading and personal work to understand trauma and how it effects both me and others.

The readings I give are shaped by a context of avoiding absolutes, demands, and authoritative expectations. Of staying attentive to body cues and having a ready agility to change direction whenever it is needed.

This is your reading, and if you’ve reached your limit of “uncomfortable” moving in one direction, there are always other paths to explore.

In the form you receive when scheduling online, you have an opportunity to specify pronouns, triggers, or other areas of sensitivity I should be aware of as your reader. This way you can avoid being negatively surprised by some aspect of the randomness that is inherent to the tarot process.

For example, you can request a deck that has no violent images. The visual storytelling in many decks includes (potentially) harsh images that parallel some ugliness that exists in our broken world. Tarot is, after all a “picture book for grown-ups,” and does, as a result, reference hard things.

from Shadowscapes Tarot

This does not mean you are childish or getting a less complete reading if you choose a gentler deck.

You can be just as open to the truth, and receive from every card, while still honoring your limits and providing the best care for yourself.

Trauma-informed tarot means that I am your partner in this care.

If you want a session that’s short or long, there are different times you can schedule here. A 15-minute Skype reading is just $30, and an hour long session is $100.

Save 5% by buying 3 hour-long sessions at once, and save 10% when you buy 6 hour-long sessions at once.