What questions do you answer with the cards?

Useful questions to bring to a tarot reading are (first of all) open-ended.

This means it’s not a question that has a simple, one-word answer.

Not: “Am I capable of falling in love?”

Instead: “What can I do to get out of my own way?”

Coming with a bundle of energy and only vaguest idea of where you want to focus – this is also fine. Sometimes the clarity a tarot reader can offer comes as much from defining questions as it does from offering answers.

Tarot is an exercise in bringing the intangible and out-of-reach down to earth and practice. My specialty is in offering language as a sort of container for what’s going on in your world – a bowl or terrarium that will contain something long enough to get a good look at it.

Questions can be specific or general:

How can I stop stressing about __________?

What next steps can I take to continue growing into my best self?

Relationship questions are traditionally a staple of tarot readings, and we can definitely use the cards to consider options and look deeper into relational dynamics – but – unless your extra person is with you, this is still a reading about you, and the energy or dynamic you are bringing to the interaction.

Types of relationship questions:

What are my hopes (or fears) about this relationship? How are they affecting our interaction?

How can I stop worrying about my children?

If you are looking for ideas for good questions, there are lists of ideas on the internet, just a quick search away. Many of those questions can be useful containers for what you want to explore with the cards.

Ultimately tarot is about exploration and looking for a fresh take on things. A very familiar, and utterly adequate question to bring is:

What should I be paying attention to at this time?