Party Details (who does what)

I provide:

image: mermaid pouring light from one shell to another
from the Mermaid Tarot
  • Travel to/from the event
  • Furniture and set-up as needed for the event
    • A polyshield is available for close-quarters hygiene-safety. (Without it I’ll need any guests who want in-person readings to be masked. Depending on the setting we may use both masks and shield.)
  • A variety of tarot decks, with themes and options for the host to request or choose from
  • A menu of tarot spreads for guests to select from
  • Unlimited tarot readings during the agreed time of the event
  • Breaks for the reader of 5 minutes every two hours
  • A contract outlining the shape of the job and our parts in it

You provide:

  • 50% deposit (refundable minus 10% until 2 weeks ahead of the event)
  • A reasonably quiet and/or private area for readings, with access to a bathroom 🙂
  • A wrangler if you want guests to be funneled toward the tarot table in a steady manner
  • Balance of payment at the end of the event