The baseline cost for a one-hour session is $100.

From now until the end of August 2019 use the coupon code READY to take $20 off your first one-hour session.

This applies to both tarot readings and story coaching.

Half-hours (in-person, phone or video call) are $60.

Parties can vary in price, based on whether the guests will also be paying for individual sessions, or the entertainment is being provided by the host. A personalized estimate is available, taking into consideration time, distance and number of guests.

Party prices begin at $120 for the minimum two hours.

Readings via email are are $5-$6/card.

These are a combination of fixed and revolving offerings.

Fixed Offerings:

Special Offerings July – September:

    • Soul Shield – A reading about personal boundaries: making them and keeping them – $35
    • SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) Evaluations – $40


When available – typically at a shop or festival – drop-in costs are somewhat lower, since I share the reading live and I don’t have to account for the time to do the pictures and write-up.

Like and follow the Untangling Tarot Facebook page for notifications about drop-in readings as they become available, and #HowIGotThere descriptions about various tarot card interpretations.

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So much can be said in just one card. Wren has a way of communicating that goes beyond just words. There is a deep feeling of understanding and knowingness that brings a sense of solace. I was moved by the insightfulness and appreciate the validation.

— Semaj, from Slate Hill, New York