The baseline cost for a one-hour session is $100.

Half-hours (in-person, phone or video call) are $60.

Readings via email are are $5-$6/card.

These are a combination of fixed and revolving offerings.

Fixed Offerings:

Special Quarterly Offerings October – December:

    • Soul Shield – A reading about personal boundaries: making them and keeping them – $35
    • SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) Evaluations – $40

A subscription (weekly or monthly) is available at a discounted rate for both the Simple and Overview readings.

Parties can vary in price, based on whether the guests will also be paying for individual sessions, or the entertainment is being provided by the host. A personalized estimate is available, taking into consideration time, distance and number of guests.

Party prices begin at $120 for the minimum two hours.

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When available – typically at a shop or festival – drop-in costs for individual spreads are somewhat lower, since I share the reading live and I don’t have to account for the time to do the pictures and write-up.

Like and follow the Untangling Tarot Facebook page for notifications about drop-in readings as they become available, and #HowIGotThere descriptions about various tarot card interpretations.

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So much can be said in just one card. Wren has a way of communicating that goes beyond just words. There is a deep feeling of understanding and knowingness that brings a sense of solace. I was moved by the insightfulness and appreciate the validation.

— Semaj, from Slate Hill, New York