The quick overview:

1-hour reading $80
30-minute reading $45
15-minute reading $25
2-card email reading $12
Overview email reading $30
Relationship email reading $30
Parties (minimum 2-hours) start at $200

Tarot-Reading Appointments (in-person, on-line)

The baseline cost for a one-hour session is $80.

    • These are relaxed conversations with a lot of give and take, along with the freedom to come with more ideas than specifics about what you expect from the time. I will brainstorm with you about naming your goals and finding the best sort of spreads (we usually have time for several) that will offer you what your need.

Half-hours by phone or internet video call are $45.

    • These conversations are more focused than the one-hour, involving either fewer spreads, or more focused questions from the client.

15-minutes by phone or internet video call are $25.

    • Long enough for a single spread under eight cards, these calls are a low-cost entry point for those interested in a practice or experimental a session. They’re also good for a quick check-in, since same-day appointments are sometimes available (check the scheduling page).

Email-Delivered Tarot Readings

Readings via email have the advantage of being something you can return to and review whenever you desire. All readings include a picture of the cards in your spread, along with a written interpretation that explains the meanings of each card and how they fit together related to your question.

Most Popular

$12 – $30

    • Overview Reading – no specified question: $30 for a 7-card reading
    • Relationship Reading – a tarot staple: $30 (7 cards)
    • Two-card reading – simple, low cost check-in: $15

More details and examples of types of email readings here.

✢ Parties {Currently on hold until the end of social-distancing season}

I can bring my table and cards to your event, providing a unique spark to a New Year’s Eve Party, fundraiser, birthday celebration, women’s night out, or some other get together.

Parties can vary in price, based on length, location (how far I’d need to drive) and the number of guests. A personalized estimate is available when you contact me with these variables.

To help with your calculations:

Depending on the flow – how efficiently new people are brought to the table (this would be the job of someone not doing the tarot readings) – and the size of the spread or question, I can read for 5 – 8 people an hour.

That’s 5-10 minute readings, which can be very different, so knowing what you want (or asking questions if you don’t) will help me provide your guests with the best experience.

Party prices begin at $200 for the minimum two hours.


Coaching Services

This is an extension or focused angle for appointments, mostly highlighted here to point out the variety of directions we can go with our tarot readings (at the same cost and time intervals I listed above):

  • Brainstorming
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationship Health
  • Tutoring in tarot for your own use

Schedule here.

✢ Group Classes

If you have a club or group of friends who would like to learn together you can contact me and I’ll be happy to work out a quote and times that would suit us both.

A variety of topics to learn are outlined on the group classes page. These will be offered and expand based on community interest.

So far the classes have run between $200-300 for a two-night, 4-hour class. If you have friends you want to get together with and split the costs, that could be a way to get some specific instruction you’ve been interested in.

~ ~ ~

At festivals or a local business where I read in person, costs for individual spreads are $10 – $40, depending on the spread or number of cards.

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Or if Instagram is your thing, you can follow me there: @untangling.tarot

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So much can be said in just one card. Wren has a way of communicating that goes beyond just words. There is a deep feeling of understanding and knowingness that brings a sense of solace. I was moved by the insightfulness and appreciate the validation.

— Semaj, from Slate Hill, New York