✢ Scheduled Readings (in-person and on-line)

  • 30-minute
  • 60-minute
  • Regular/recurring readings, usually scheduled 2 – 4 weeks apart.

This is a way to work on longer projects and/or check-in regularly. Similar to coaching, we can discuss goals, form action-plans, or – especially – provide that outside perspective on your life as it unfolds.

✢ Email-based readings

These vary in length based on the question and cards drawn. Below are just two examples; more details on types of email readings here.

  • 3-card readings (a simple and straight forward response to a single question or topic of concern). Delivered written – via email, or recorded live in a private link on YouTube.
  • 5-7-card readings (the number varies based on the best spread to respond to your question or topic. Delivered written – via email, or recorded live in a private link on YouTube.

✢ Parties

  • I can read for 5-8 guests in an hour (5-10 minute readings), providing a unique spark to a women’s night out or some other get together.

✢ Coaching Services

  • Brainstorming
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationship Health
  • Tutoring in tarot for your own use

✢ Group Classes

If you have a club or group of friends who would like to learn together you can contact me and I’ll be happy to work out a quote and times that would suit us both.

A variety of topics to learn are outlined on the group classes page. These will be offered and expand based on community interest.

Bonus option:

Occasionally a business owner will offer space and a time for me to bring my cards to their place of work and advertise my hours to read there. Those hours will be listed on Untangling Tarot’s Facebook page, so pop over, “like” and follow to be kept up to date on when this option is available.

If you have a business that would like to host a tarot reader for a promotion or special event, give me a call. I have drop-in rates for individuals, or you can pay a package price for my time.