Images and links for the Untangling Tarot interview on Poema podcast

Hi everyone, my first podcast interview went live today.

Because I name-drop, and because tarot is so visually intensive, I wanted to offer this post as a sort of “listener’s guide” for people who want to explore further the specifics I reference in our conversation.

You can find the Poema Podcast (hosted by James Prescott) pretty much anywhere you get your podcast, but here’s one link: Season 6, ep. 7.

Time stamps seem to be most straight-forward, so here’s what I talk about and when.

(There are no affiliate links here, so if you have someone you want to support through your purchasing, make note of these resources and buy through their affiliate link.)

(3:30) Teacher: Lindsey Mack with Tarot for the Wild Soul, and Soul Tarot School. Instagram: @WildSoulHealing

(4:30) Blog: Little Red Tarot

(5:00) Resource: Shadowscapes Book and tarot deck set

This is the deck I used for all the live readings in this podcast. The labels in the readings are not in English – the Czech publication has bigger cards, and I found the larger cards more readable for these detailed images.

(7:35) The Empress

(8:40) Resource: book – Tarot for Beginners by Barbara Moore

(9:00) The High Priestess

(16:40) 3 of swords

(20:00) Resource: book – The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren

(21:10) Three words reading

(21:50) Three-card example, using the words as position labels

(23:00) 8 of swords

(24:50) James’s tarot reading – each of the colored stones is a visual reminder of the quadrant the card addresses: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

(39:15) 10 of swords

(43:15) Resource: blog post – 2 of wands comparison/gallery

(50:40) Listeners’ tarot reading

Listeners’ Reading

(57:50) Resource: blog post – Tarot Card Reversals – 8 choices

~ ~ ~

To wrap up, I’m really thankful you stopped by and investigated tarot further. These pretty cards are so useful and visually arresting, I’m glad you took the time to see them for yourself.

As always, I’m available for live readings over Skype and Zoom, and offer email readings as well, if you want a written response to a specific question.


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